Vladimir Putin and Russian Statecraft (Shapers of International History)

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Diana Mosley. Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Since Russian leader Vladimir Putin assumed power in August , speculation about his character, motives, and plans for Russia's future has been rampant in the West.

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A portrait of Putin has emerged in the West that is one-dimensional, ill informed, and diametrically opposed to the image of Putin the majority of Russians hold. Even after he stepped down as president in May , retaining a significant measure of power as prime minister under his hand-picked successor, President Dmitri Medvedev, Putin remains poorly understood.

In this interpretive biography of Putin, Allen C. Lynch seeks to reconcile the two conflicting images and find out just where the truth lies about the man and the statesman. Westerners view Putin as an authoritarian holdover from the Soviet era who has clamped down on domestic opposition, freedom of the press, and other elements of a functioning democracy and who has relentlessly exerted Russian influence abroad, challenging the West and seeking to control its post-Soviet periphery.

Most Russians, in contrast, are likely to be grateful to Putin for presiding over an economic recovery and reasserting Russian dignity on the world stage.

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  • A complete apprehension of the Russian leader, according to Lynch, requires an understanding of the way in which Putin's personal experiences and critical events in recent Russian history have shaped his outlook. Lynch convincingly demonstrates how a complex interplay of Russia's post-Soviet circumstances and the particular path of Putin's career have informed his choices as leader.

    PDF Vladimir Putin and Russian Statecraft (Shapers of International History) Free Books

    Lynch is professor of politics at the University of Virginia and former director of the university's Center for Russian and East European Studies He is a former assistant director of the W. This time, he's written a superb book that provides a definitive portrait of Vladimir Putin and coolly, carefully, and concisely evaluates his record as Russia's leader. Both Putin's many supporters and his many detractors--indeed, Putin himself--would do well to read Lynch's excellent analysis.

    Motyl "Allen Lynch has produced the most insightful and balanced book yet published on Vladimir Putin and his impact on Russia. It is a key to understanding the first twelve years of 21st century Russia, whether or not Vladimir Putin decides to resume the presidency following the election. Matlock, Jr. Matlock "Allen Lynch's 'interpretive biography' of the leader who brought stability and economic growth to post-Soviet Russia, behind a facade of manipulative and sometimes ruthless 'Potemkin democracy, ' ably explains the contrast in Western and Russian views of Putin's achievements.

    This well-crafted study is ideally suited not only for courses in Russian or comparative politics, but also for studies of political leadership.

    Putin’s Statecraft | American Diplomacy Est

    Donaldson "Allen Lynch's succinct biography of Vladimir Putin is richly analytical and topical, and it is an incisive and authoritative contribution to political leadership studies as well as interdisciplinary Russian studies. Lynch's biography is nuanced and comprehensive, balanced and evaluative, and, thanks to clear thinking and writing, it is accessible to a wide readership.

    Hoffmann "With the sure hand of a longtime observer of the Russian scene, Lynch lucidly analyses and explains the puzzle surrounding the personality and politics of Vladmir Putin, who is reviled abroad and admired at home.

    It provides a highly perceptive and exceptionally balanced assessment of Putin's character, achievements, and failures. In this easy-to-read and captivating book, Lynch offers key concepts for a better understanding of the dilemmas and goals of Russian domestic politics and foreign policy.