The Last Guardian (Jon Shannow Novel Book 2)

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Gemmel uses his creations to successfully introduce many different themes, all of which have featured prominently in our own Earths History. Strongly running through the novel the reader can expect to find examples of slavery, racism and how man treats the environment. Something that I normally hate in a book is when the author introduces time paradoxes and alternative dimensions, but here they are written so well that they blend into the main story excellently.

My only criticism of the book would be that, in my opinion, you would need to read the first in the series to fully appreciate past events. Can't wait for the third. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments.

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The Last Guardian (Jon Shannow Novel)

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The Last Guardian : David Gemmell :

About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Books : The Last Guardian Jon Shannow Novel Paperback The gateway between past and present has opened, and evil forces of enormous power are unleashed.

To close the gateway, the Sword of God must be found, and all that is known is that it shines in the clouds above the City of Beasts - a city ruled by the Dark Queen. Nu leaves Bali for the stone circle and then it is revealed that Bali murdered the trader to obtain the Sipstrassi. When Bali defies them, one of the Daggers shoots Bali. Following the trails of horses leaving the site of the broken wheel, Shannow arrives at the deserted Brigand camp, and finds Harry, who is still alive remarkably, however, he only lives long enough to tell Shannow that the others went after the girl.

Shannow departs the camp in search of Beth and her wagon. Beth continues her journey to Pilgram's Valley, when Quint and the other Brigands catch up to her. When they are approaching, Beth kills Quint, and Mary kills another, which convinces the others to leave the family alone. He manages to get to the circle and escape the Daggers, but does not arrive in Balacris as expected. Instead, he is in a strange land next to a dead man in strange clothing. His Sipstrassi stone still has some power left after the journey, and he uses some to dress himself in identical garb to the nearby dead man.

He has no idea where to go, so he follows some horse tracks leading from the camp.

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After questioning Pashad, Sharazad meets with the soldier, Rhodaeul, and tells him that she knows where Nu has disappeared to. She explains that the stone circle is linked to a new land that was discovered two months ago, where her Daggers obtained pistols. Sharazad tells Rhodaeul that the King want him to train with pistols. Rhodaeul is not happy about this, but agrees and Sharazad lists some people who are notorous with the weapons, including Johnson, Crowe, Daniel Cade , and Shannow.

Next he comes across an excavation site where locals are attempting to unearth an long iron building with small windows and doors revealed to be a boat, but the diggers do not believe Shannow. Here he meets Klaus Monet, who describes the time before the fall as the "Dark Times". After purchasing supplies, Shannow meets Beth at the site. Just after introductions, they are inturrupted by the lead Arcanist of the dig site, Boris Heimut, who is interested in Shannow's thoughts on the boat.

When Heimut asks Shannow how such a large boat arrived in an area surrounded by land, Shannow explains that Samual Archer proved to him that the world has fallen twice in the past. Later that night, Boris asks Shannow to join the site to defend it from a local leader named Edric Scyse, who has put his own man in charge of the site, Deiker. Shannow refuses and the next day, after humiliating two of Dieker's men who had come to force him to leave the dig site, he continues his journey towards the Great Wall. With the wall and Pilgrim's Valley both in sight, Shannow decides to stop at the town to relax before continuing his journey.

Chreena, known as the Dark Lady because of her black skin, is attempting to reverse Oshere's slow transformation into a lion, which she failed at with Shir-ran. While taking a break from her work, Chreena describes the theories of the first fall of the world, which saw the Atlantean continent submerged under water. When Chreena returns to her work, Oshere reflects back on the arriaval of Chreena to the Dianae settlement, the death of her sickly son, her her short-lived romantic relationship with his brother, the prince Shir-ran, and Shir-ran's transformation and departure.

Chreena had discovered that the Dianae were a product of experiments done in the Between times the era between the two time the world fell. The experiment turned lions into men, and now those genetics were breaking down and the people were reverting back into lions. Later that night, Chreena mourns her deceased husband, Samual Archer, a Guardian who died after being beaten at Castlemine in Wolf in Shadow. Shannow makes plans to stay in Pilgrim's Valley for 3 days before continuing his journey south past the great wall. On the first day, he meets a gunfighter, Clem Steiner.

On the second day, he once again meets Boris, who tells Shannow of the rampant crime in the town. Later, Shannow encounters a priest. While resting, Shannow inspects a gold coin he obtained before leaving Shir-ran's cave.

The coin has an image imprinted that matches Boris' description of the Sword of God, south of the wall. A group of Scayse's men rides into town dragging a mostly transformed Dianae, which is killed. One of the riders had stolen Shannow's horse. Shannow knocks the man from his horse and returns it to the stable, where the holster explains that there used to be many more of the beasts before the gates in the wall disappeared. South, Chreena regrets using the last of her Sipstrassi's power to hide the gates when it could have been used to save Shir-ran, or her son, Luke.

Josiah Broome, owner of the eating hall in Pilgrim's Valley, tends to the injured rider and condems Shannow's violent way of recovering his horse. Beth disagrees, but bites her tongue because she now works for Broome as a serving girl. When the rider recovers, he sets off after Shannow.

Beth arrives at the stable in time to warn Shannow, a draw ensues, and the injured rider is now dead.

Shannow returns to the inn, where Steiner tells him that Scayse wants to talk to him, but Shannow ignores the request. Scayse then goes to Shannow's room, and tells him that he wishes to be a leader of men, and does not seek to abuse or misuse his power. He also knows of Sipstrassi and Shannow's encounter at the Titanic events at the conclusion of Wolf in Shadow and that he plans to lead his gathered force south, past the Great Wall.

Shannow is not convinced that Scayse is not an evil man. Nu uses his Sipstrassi to free is spirit from his body and fly amongst the clouds. When he flies south, the recognizes the Great Wall as the sea wall in Atlantis, then he recognizes features of Pilgrim's Valley that resemble the city of Ad.

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He then realizes he did not travel across land from the stone circle, but across time. Nu weeps for his long-dead wife and children. Walking home from working at the inn, Beth is attacked by two Brigands. The Parson kills one and scares the other away before escorting her back to her wagon. The next morning, Shannow is approached by two residents of Pilgrim's Valley, Brisley and Fenner, who also ask Shannow to rid the town of the evil men like Scayse and Webber, a crooked gambling hall owner. Shannow once again declines, and advises the men to forming a group and physically forcing the men from town.

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Shannow visits the local gunsmith Groves, to stock up on ammunition before leaving town, however, Groves says it will take a week for him to make the bullets.