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She is a great woman. I will say I was worried a few times that Abby and Jackson wouldn't work things out. This is amazing love story anyone will enjoy. I already am impatiently waiting the next book. Jan 04, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , adult.

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It's official. Candis Terry is one of my favorite adult contemporary romance authors. This says a lot because I have found that adult romances are really hit or miss with me. Candis Terry is a complete hit. I really enjoyed last year's Anything But Sweet and when I saw this pop up for review, I jumped at the chance to get back to my favorite small town of Sweet, Texas and those sexy Wilder brothers. I really liked Jackson. He is a good man, a great father, and a hard worker. He is a former Mari It's official.

He is a former Marine and is now a firefighter. He not only works for the San Antonio department, but volunteers at their local station as well. Jackson is a bit of a stubborn character, though, as I'm discovering most of the Wilder men are! He doesn't always say what he feels and that tends to cause problems for him.

The book starts with him realizing that his former best friend Abby has returned to town. Jackson harbors a lot of hurt feelings toward her, as she disappeared from his life seven years ago after he deployed to Afghanistan. Jackson wants answers and I can't really blame him. We learn that these two were very close and shared a lot of moments together.

Not only were they each other's first kiss, but they also were each other's firsts. There's a lot of history between them and Jackson can't believe that she left without a trace and wasn't there for him after losing his brother and father. I felt bad for Abby.

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She, like Jackson, doesn't say what she feels either and these two end up dancing around what they really want from one another. Abby definitely made poor decisions seven years ago, but she did what she felt was the best at the time. She was trying to protect her heart from Jackson and thought leaving was the only way to do so. Now, she's back in Sweet to help get her parent's house ready to sell and Jackson Wilder comes storming back into her life.

Abby left town to avoid heartbreak, but her life didn't end up quite the way she planned. Her marriage didn't work out and ended much the same way her and Jackson did. Abby is a bit lost, trying to figure out what she wants and where she wants to be. I love Abby and Jackson's chemistry. He's known loss in his life and has also been married once before.

I think he's afraid Abby will take off again and his heart wouldn't recover again. There were a few moments where I literally wanted to smack Jackson upside the head for being such an idiot with her. I'm glad Abby decided to take control and tell him how she finally felt. It was a bold move on her part, but I was cheering her on because Jackson needed to get his head out of his ass and see what he would be losing.

Sweetest Mistake Audiobook by Candis Terry

I love that we get to see a lot of the characters from the first book in the series also. Reno and Charli show up, as does their mom Jana, who is a lot of fun and always meddling with her sons' love lives.

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She's a good woman and would do anything to see her boys happy. She also loves Abby and doesn't hold a grudge against Abby for leaving. We also get to see more of Jesse, Jackson's and Reno's brother, who is known to be quite the playboy. I'm really looking forward to his story next because there's a lot more to Jesse than people think.

We also get to see Jackson interact with his daughter Izzy and it will absolutely melt your heart. He's a great dad and loves his daughter to pieces. He is on good terms with his ex-wife, Fiona, and I was glad to see her accept Abby even though she still loves Jackson. However, she understands that Jackson doesn't feel that way and doesn't hold that against him or try to interfere with his life.

Overall, I thought Sweetest Mistake was a great addition to the Sweet series and watching Jackson and Abby forgive each other as well as fall for each other again was really what drew me in.


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If you are looking for a good love story with great characters, this is the series to check out! Jan 01, Kristin These Pretty Words rated it really liked it Shelves: romantic-fools , read , tpw-reviewed , contemporary. Originally reviewed on These Pretty Words. After a stint of reading shorter novellas, I was excited to really dive in to a full-length novel and really get to know the characters and their stories.

Sweetest Mistake was certainly sweet and it was not a mistake to read.

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I really enjoyed the whole cast of characters in this story. I feel like I connected really well with Abby as well. I felt like she was strong, even if she was a little too stubborn. I loved watching her transformation from the perfect, wealthy trophy wife into the woman she really was. My heart broke for her when I found out why her jerk ex-husband filed for divorce. I cheered for her every time she took a stand and made steps to own her own life. Each one was an individual and felt well rounded, even if we only briefly got to see them on the page.

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I really loved how the author was able to weave such strong connections between all the characters so that even the ones we never got to meet in person still felt real and important, whether good or bad. My only hold out with this one is the abundance of drama caused by simple lack of communication between Abby and Jackson.

It seemed like they were constantly one-step-forward, two-steps-back and oftentimes they were issues that so easily could have been solved if one of them just opened up their mouths and TALKED to each other! One instance in particular was especially frustrating and I really wanted to remind Jackson about what happens when you assume something.

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Communication issues aside, I really enjoyed this novel and my visit to Sweet, Texas and their sweet, Southern characters. Heather at These Pretty Words Nov 04, Vilia rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance. He shared an awful lot of firsts with her but then she abandoned him for the bright lights of the biggest city. He tried a relationship with another woman but still carried a torch for Abby.

I enjoyed him most as a character when he was interacting with his daughter. He let her put makeup on him, knows a huge amount of Disney movie references and tries to put her needs first. She is at somewhat of a loose end after her sham of a marriage ended and Sweet acts like a soothing balm.

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