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A national study of leadership, funded by the University […]. Two concepts that have been central to the conversation about management, at least since the work of Chester Barnard, are Responsibility and Accountability. As leaders, coaches, and change agents each of us have so much to give and offer. It seems from the desire to give, the fear of not knowing, and the push for a result we can so easily loose ourselves in the process.

All leaders find themselves in situations where they need to sit down with somebody for a difficult conversation to resolve a conflict, present a challenging position or negotiate an agreement. Often we have conversations in our head, preparing a speech or an opening statement and then responding to uneasy feelings and a vague sense of […].

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It makes sense to understand how to make the most of our powerful natural resource: the mind! One way this can be done is through using simple patterns of six questions with […]. One of the areas frequently cited as indicative of effective leaders is developing others. This is the idea of and individual in a leader role as coach. And it underscores the importance of individuals who are leading to learn about effective coaching.

Fundamental principles and skills are not all that difficult to learn. Integrating them […]. The short answer is second-tier leadership, defined as that which promotes the health of the entire spiral.

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I am impressed by the work of Don Beck and others in describing the dimensions of this, like searching for the underlying cultural […]. In other words, as a leader, it is your capacity to engage with others in such a way that they are willing to follow you that marks you as a leader.

For all of us […]. The potential for positive impact that leaders have on our world is almost limitless. Building leaders that can take effective and grounded action in the service of a better world is a worthy cause in my reckoning. Practice is essential for any endeavor in which we wish to succeed. I have found the following practices […]. Leadership Coaching Tip s. Want to Lead More Successfully? The sanity of the body is the sanity of the mind; the violation of the body is the violation of the mind.

You are a business leader. You want to change the culture of your company. Engaging and motivating your people is a key factor.

Where do you start? What do you need? Where to go first?

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The answer is, start with communication. What do you need to get there? Ask your coach! First develop your own […].

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Gandhi As a 21st Century Leader, you encounter defensive routines in organizational settings every minute of every day. The trick is not to try to eliminate them, rather to discover […]. The Eight Worldly Concerns Wanting to be praised …and not wanting to be criticized. Wanting happiness …and not wanting suffering. Wanting gain …and […]. As Baby Boomers born between transition from marketplace leadership roles, they clear the way for new mental models and cultural shifts borne of Gen Xers born between and Millennials born between and From an adult-developmental perspective, such suggestions should be specific to different levels of social-emotional and cognitive maturity, measured by semi-structured interview Laske, The notion is that generic coaching tips need to be customized to the […].

Theorists from Ed Schein to Fred Kofman have been talking about the importance of organizational culture for organizational success.

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Culture has am important role to play for leadership. It shapes the meaning of the actions of leaders, as well as provides them with the context of their own meaning making. Much of integral theory, so […]. Purpose and principle guide the actions of leaders, collaborators and followers.

Reflection I recently read somewhere the source has momentarily escaped me — but the quote rangers are on the hunt already that top executives make sure to include time for reflection in their daily activities.

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That reflection takes many forms: alone time to read, write, journal and the like; meditation; walking a golf course or […]. Evidence to the contrary is anecdotal, as far as I can discover. No one […]. Your client has a mental model of leading. This includes the very concept of leadership that she holds. It involves what it is to be a leader, what leaders do, relationships with collaborators and followers, the relationship between leading and the strategic directions of the organization, the role of culture in determining leader effectiveness.

It […]. Leadership Coaching Tip: How do you know what progress is made? Dumb question? Well, maybe! When working with a client who is looking for measurement of results it is important to start with an exploration of what is important to measure. Only then can you begin to explore approaches […]. If the executive you are working with has as a developmental objective to be able to recognize and engage effectively with others who may have different world views than her own, you can use a scenario approach.

You can support them in recognizing other world views by learning about their own and then reframing perspective […]. When working developmentally with an executive and one goal is to develop capabilities for working with change, innovation, ambiguity and surprise, this will involve attention to leadership.

Try scenarios. The executive can participate fully in designing the scenario. Clearly, our capacities for seeing and understanding different worldviewsand action logics, much less be able to strategize from those perspectives, is a function of our integral development. Cognitively, we can learn to recognize the signs and symbols and symptoms? A challenge in coaching executives is to first, […].

The coaching conversations related to the use and design of scenarios can offer a useful way to open discussions of values, beliefs, assumptions, mental models, aspirations, etc. One of the most useful contributions the coaching process can make is testing and determining what is truly important to […]. When coaching executives, look for openings to explore the relationship between interior-individual lines of development intellectual, emotional, etc.

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That is a double-loop learning strategy— and a useful one. We can deepen the learning by moving to triple loop explorations. When working with an executive or other leader in generating alternatives and playing out outcomes from alternatives we are engaging in a scenario exploration process.

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As a coach it is important to be able to recognize elements of such an analysis that relates to different levels of development and to developmental dynamics. If you use […].

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Leadership Coaching Tip: Being in the Tsunami. The sources of business tsunamis are manifold. One example is an individual who is purchasing an entertainment company that includes a radio station. The financing for this effort must be available within a two-business-day window following an […]. It is obvious that when coaching leaders from an integral perspective it is important to surface relevant work that is related to the cognitive, emotional, values, relationships, health, moral and spiritual aspects of the individual.

Leadership Coaching Tip: Leverage for Learning.

When coaching leaders from an integral perspective our ability to discern where the client is at is critical. What we need to look for are beliefs, assumptions and mental models held by the leader.