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However, to see a man like Bezos, whose great wealth is derived from an empire built by allegedly underpaid and mistreated workers, talk about creating perfect communities in space is a step too far. Let me explain why. Some workers have reported peeing in bottles during their shifts , while some pregnant women are suing the company because they say they were fired for asking for more bathroom breaks.

Workers reported not having adequate air conditioning in summer, or adequate heat in winter ā€” if they got any at all. Amazon is notorious for opposing the unionization of its workers, denying them a unified voice to negotiate for better working conditions. And since slowing its renewable investment, Amazon has also been poaching a major new client: the oil and gas industry. At the very moment we need to be rapidly shifting away from fossil fuels and adopting renewable technologies, Amazon is selling fossil-fuel companies technologies that will allow them to extract more oil, faster and at lower cost.

How can Bezos claim that we need to do everything we can to ensure Earth remains livable for generations to come, when the company from which he derives his wealth is courting the very companies most responsible for climate change as major new clients? During the Blue Origin presentation, Bezos talked about the possibility of creating natural parks in his space colonies ā€” but what about the parks we already have here on planet Earth?

And if taxes need to be raised to fund a green transition, hiking them on uber-rich people dreaming of space colonies and massive corporations like Amazon is a great place to start.

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This is the underlying rationale for the great pyramid scheme. And it makes no sense. For a start, it assumes a Year Zero. At this arbitrary point, a person could step on to a piece of land, mix their labour with it, and claim it as theirs. Locke used America as an example of the blank slate on which people could establish their rights.

Mercs for Money (Earth-616)

But the land as Blackstone admitted became a blank slate only through the extermination of those who lived there. Not only could the colonist erase all prior rights, he could also erase all future rights. By mixing your labour with the land once, you and your descendants acquire the right to it in perpetuity, until you decide to sell it. You thereby prevent all future claimants from gaining natural wealth by the same means. But why should the people who do the work not be the ones who acquire the rights? Those who worked for them had no such rights. What this meant, in the late 17th century, was that large-scale landrights could be justified, under his system, only by the ownership of slaves.

Inadvertently perhaps, Locke produced a charter for the human rights of slave holders. Even if objections to this could somehow be dismissed, what is it about labour that magically turns anything it touches into private property? Why not establish your right to natural wealth by peeing on it?

Young climate activists around the world: why Iā€™m striking today | Brianna Fruean and others

The arguments defending our economic system are flimsy and preposterous. Peel them away, and you see that the whole structure is founded on looting: looting from other people, looting from other nations, looting from other species, and looting from the future. Yet, on the grounds of these absurdities, the rich arrogate to themselves the right to buy the natural wealth on which others depend. A draft strategy was created in the summer of and Rising Up was launched in autumn of during an action at Heathrow Airport.

We are helping to organise many ordinary people who care about the issues to take meaningful action that could elicit change. Rising Up!

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It is now a company that supports movements campaigning for action on the climate emergency, handling all the practical aspects of fundraising, making grants and paying expenditure. You can read more information about Compassionate Revolution and its relationship with Extinction Rebellion. We think that people protect the things that they love and that embracing our love of life and the natural world is not something we should shy away from. That said, we are not naive or uninformed about social and economic justice. Many of us have made significant personal sacrifices in order to follow our convictions and help others.

Professional implies someone is paying us to do this.

We care deeply about the situation we find ourselves in and many of us have oriented our lives in service to making things better. If by professional you mean organised and committed then yes in our attitude we try to be. Yes, we may be. There is far less awareness than we need in the public around just how bad a situation we are in, though there are signs that this is finally and rapidly improving. This goes to the very heart of the problem. And so, yes, people who do not understand, or who through denial reject the gravity of the situation being laid out by scientists, may find it easy to disagree with the actions and find us alienating.

The aim is not to alienate people, of course. The aim is to make these most critical and urgent issues of our time finally unignorable to decision makers. If they want less disruption, they must act. Social movements are often unpopular ā€” one of their job is to create conversations about key issues.

How Much Money Could We Sell The Earth For?

The police have been vocal in their criticism of government cuts in response to recent stories about rising knife crime. Crime increases in polluted cities. Extinction Rebellion is made up of ordinary people with jobs, families and responsibilities.

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Giving notice to the police allows plans to be put in place to reroute vehicles. When there are traffic jams, ambulances are redirected by their HQs. If the ambulance is already very close to the roadblock, it is let through by the protesters. We usually advise of disruption before it happens, there are frequent traffic jams in London due to all manner of things such as road works and accidents and the services have strategies for coping with them, we aim to give them the necessary advance warning so they can alert crews and re route on the day.

Extinction Rebellion is made up of people who also have jobs and responsibilities and we do not want anyone to be inconvenienced or worse as a result of our actions. But the reality is we will all suffer because of government inaction on climate collapse and biodiversity loss. Credible commentators say that the economy will collapse on a heating planet, that society could collapse. Sir David Attenborough is on record speaking of this possibility. We would encourage anyone who feels upset or angry by our actions to find out more about the severity of the ecological and climate crisis.

Before starting Extinction Rebellion the network Rising Up! We are doing it as we believe we have to look at the bigger picture of how many people are dying today and how dire our trajectory is. In the face of this we accept that we inevitably cause inconvenience to people. We sincerely apologise to them.

World's first trillionaire is alive today | The Independent

We are firmly and collectively of the view that, given the dismal failure of world leaders to date, disruption is now necessary to get anything like commensurate change. If there was a better, less disruptive way of doing this we would do that instead! Many of us have faced arrest, fines, convictions for our actions; some of us have been on hunger strike and gone to jail. So we are willing to take the consequences of our actions and to make personal sacrifices in order to do them. Business as usual is simply no longer a viable option.

We engage in peaceful civil disobedience to draw attention to the key issues of our time. We remain strictly nonviolent. Some of our activists have been charged for criminal damage for using paint on windows often chalk based to highlight certain issues.

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  8. We are super careful to do this safely and not put anyone at risk.