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Today is the ninth day of Christmas , girls. Nine ladies dancing.

Post Malone – rockstar (Lyrics) feat. 21 Savage

As the years have gone by, childbirth has seemed like a normal kind of thing. Actually, what I said to myself was more along these lines: Self, why are you so bogged down by the tasks you have in front of you? You have birthed human beings. You have birthed an intentional, sacramental life.

You have birthed creative projects. You have birthed community. Not on my own. Which is how we get back to Christmas and creation. Which is a miracle, right?

Easy letter notes for beginners

That we get to partner with God? That God chose to come down as a baby and live as a human being and partner with us? It really is a miracle. The key is to take all the risk out. To paint the band by numbers.

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Television thrives on drama, on excitement. The members of INXS are in the neighborhood of fifty. And the wannabes.


The Hundred-and-Fifth Letter: Christmas, Birth Narratives, & Being a Rockstar

It would be like mixing with the sad sacks from high school. Not the art chicks, not the brainiacs, just the losers. And even phonier than INXS and the wannabes is the audience. Never underestimate the power of television. And for the album to sell. Show it enough and SOME lame sucker will line up and buy it. After all, we live in a country of three hundred million and the sale of one million CDs is seen as a huge accomplishment. Mark Burnett has misstepped here.

I spoke too soon. Dear fellow viewers of the debate , Politics is something I don't get into much but I couldn't help but think of one thing the entire debate Lol do you hate me now? Sorry I couldn't help it. Let's still be friends!

ABC⚡DC - A Rock & Roll Inspired Alphabet Book - The Little Rockstar US

Honestly, the biggest achievement of the debate? I got Rob to listen to 2 hours of political talk! That's not easy my friends. Dear October , I got some planzzz for youuuu. Joining my dear friend Melissa with her lists of monthly goals. I'm keeping it pretty simple. Dear readers , I need your help. It's absolutely gorgeous on but I don't know if I can do it.

GTA 5 Mod Tool Program Shuts Down After Legal Letter, Rockstar Responds

So I'm enlisting your help, would you keep a gorgeous bracelet like this knowing it cost that much?! This weekend my little brother has a laser tag birthday party so you can BET I'll be channeling my inner Barney Stinson. HIMYM anyone? Happy Friday love! It's going to be one hell of a weekend here in San Francisco and I've been waiting all week long for it!

Hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.. Loved the survey, surprised and not surprised about the results..

I'm with you! Have a wonderful weekend I so wanted the Rockstar jeans to work for me, but the fit was all wrong. The best gifts are ones that you would never buy for yourself. Thanks for linking up! The bracelet is beautiful.