How to Romance Little People & Spice Up Your Love Life

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But this time you have a chance to transform your sex life by adding an ingredient that may be missing: a deeper and more loving connection with each other. This is necessary if you want your intimate connection to last, because sex without a loving emotional connection becomes empty and unfulfilling.

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Whether you have a planet transiting your 5th House or not, here are 5 ways to recreate sexual passion and lust for each other by adding love and emotions to your actions. This act lets the other person know that you're a romantic and want to make them feel special.

It's a simple way of saying I love you and still want you. How to make it last forever: Every week, think of a thoughtful act you can do for your partner or spouse and do it. Besides buying them flowers, send them a loving email or buy them a card that expresses your love and caring for them. Or, simply remember to say everyday, "I love you," without it being a prelude to sex. Be Sensuous - Buy some fragrant bath salts. Before you and your partner go out, suggest that you run a bath, throw in the salts and climb in the tub together.

Have a glass of wine. Then, wash each other. Dry each other off and go out on your date. How to make it last forever: Every week, find at least one time, when you run a bath for your partner so they can relax as you sit with them and just talk. Buy Lingerie - Nothing makes a woman or man feel sexier than feeling silk on their skin.

When you buy a woman lingerie, you send a message that says, "You're feminine, desirable and sexy. And I still want you.

15 Romantic Tips to Spice up Your Relationship

This gift from a woman, says, "You're hot and I want you, too. How to make it last forever: Every week, create a "date night" where you dress up like you use to when you first started dating. Taking pride in your appearance, sends a message to your partner that you care, and that they are special enough so that you still go out of your way to look good for them. Go on a Date - Now you're ready to go on your date.

Whether it's a candlelight dinner at home or a romantic restaurant, this is your opportunity to keep your romantic connection alive and build the anticipation of what the rest of the evening may bring.

How to make it last forever: Every week, create at least one night or day that is your "date night. It's your night to make them feel honored and special whether it's going for a walk, to a movie, dinner or just out for desert. This invitation shows them you want to be intimately together. Suggestion: Take turns planning your date night. Come Home - When you come home don't take off your clothes yet.

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Light a candle. Put on some romantic music. Open up a bottle of Champagne. Sit on the couch. Pour a glass for each of you and toast to your love and passion for each other. Then, close your eyes and remember the first time you kissed that person and how it made you feel in your heart, in your head, and then further south way south.

30 Hot Sex Ideas to Spice Up Sex Life

Once you kiss that person, your lips will take you to that special place of ecstasy you once knew. Welcome back your sex life. Here it comes. How to make it last forever: Every week, find an evening, even when there is no interest in sex , where you can light a candle, put on some music and have a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine to just talk about your day, what's on your mind or what's in your heart. And when this happens, relationships can suffer and couples become more like roommates than lovers.

According to a year study by Harvard University that was published in , one of the secrets to happiness and health in life is love and having good quality relationships. Even going to that same restaurant becomes stale. So you want to keep that spark alive and you do that by creating new experiences and memories together. So to help keep that flame flickering, Tebb has some tips for couples who are looking to spice up their love lives amidst their hectic lives.

She suggests trying skydiving, bungee jumping, wakeboarding and water skiing — activities that keep things active.

2. Explore His Fantasies (And Yours Too!)

It might seem like a small gesture, but leaving little love notes for your partner can actually go a long way. Get your partner wanting you again and wanting to get home to you. Before getting down to the nitty-gritty, however, Tebb suggests talking with your partner to find out what each other likes. Just do something completely different than what you would normally do in your everyday life. Create those new memories and moments to just explore. Get a roundtrip of the most important and intriguing national stories delivered to your inbox ever weekday. Want to discuss?

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