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The story of Golden Goose and its themes have appeared in literature and other forms of art. This page provides a small discussion of some of the better known treatments by authors and other artists. Literature: Novels. Levine, Gail Carson. The Fairy's Return. New York: Harpercollins, Book description from publisher: "Boy meets princess, and it's love at first sight.

Norwegian Folktales – The Gold Scales

Both laugh at the same jokes. Both are named after birds.

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His experiences in Indian environment have led him to create several works about Indian themes and tradition. Since Kipling has lived a great deal of life in Indian regions, he was much familiar with the Indian languages. He also has Indian themes in his work, Just So Stories, in which he has given many characters recognizable names related to Indian languages.


Helen Bannerman has also penned an Indian themed folktale, Little Black Sambo, during the same period. Patrick Henry was a politician, attorney and planter, who gained popularity as an orator when Americans were struggling for independence. He is well known for his speech in the House of Burgesses in in the church of Saint Joseph. The House was undecided about whether they need to mobilize and take military action against encroaching military forces of England.

Telling tales

Ramanujan has written a lot about context sensitivity as a theme in many cultural essays, classical poetry, and Indian folklore. For example, in his works Three Hundred Ramayanas, and Where Mirrors are Windows , he talks about intertextual quality of written and oral Indian literature.

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The rest is history: today their stories underpin literary and popular culture in the western world. Their sources were mostly educated, middle-class women who were especially good raconteurs. The Grimms kept adding to and editing the collection, publishing a final, seventh edition in As well as the familiar magical stories, it also has many cautionary and religious tales, jokes and fables.

Once they saw their collection would become popular family reading, the brothers made them more suitable for a respectable middle-class audience. One of the first things Wilhelm did was take out the sexy bits.

natnefocont.tk One of the stories the Grimms eliminated after their first edition was Hans Dumm , a about a man who has the power to make women pregnant simply by wishing them so. The Grimms changed the stories in other ways, too, adding Christian references and folksy expressions, and emphasizing gender roles their audience would approve.

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They elaborated on and expanded scenes of violence, often choosing versions with nastier, rather than nicer, endings. In some versions of Rumpelstiltskin , Rumpelstiltskin escapes on a flying ladle or even just runs off, as he does in Grimms first edition. Then in his fury he seized his left foot with both hands and tore himself in two.

In the French Cinderella , Cinderella forgives her stepsisters and finds good husbands for them. Not so in the Grimms version. No fairy godmother!