A Quest for Unlabeled Reality

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Entertainment may be the biggest category of AR apps right now, and this is for good reason. Do you want to have a pet dragon Tamagotchi-style? AR Dragon allows you to bring your fantastical beast along on your daily ventures via overlaid imagery. And, while it might seem innocent enough, the game basically just brought Slenderman into your living room. Multi-player games exist so you can play with your friends.

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While gaming and entertainment are fun, there are also quite a few informative and educational-based apps blossoming in this new space. The night sky, something that has intrigued humankind since time began, has found very practical applications in augmented reality. If you have ever sat outside and wondered what particular star or planet is shining so brightly tonight, apps such as Star Walk 2 and Star Chart will be your new best friends. No, instead, many are man-made objects. Weather is another subject venturing into AR. Instead of being forever known for your prehistoric-like stick figure creations, you can use apps like SketchAR to learn better skills by the way of augmented reality tracing.

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With the emerging space of educational AR apps, students of any age can utilize better, 3D graphics for their educational purposes instead of relying on just the 2D drawings seen in common textbooks. It should be noted, that with many of the educational applications, additional materials such as documents or textbooks may be needed.

Countless utilitarian types of AR apps are also being released at increasing rates. As of now, Apple is showing a lot of pride in their AR Measurekit tool which allows for reasonably accurate measuring of spaces and items. The recently released Google Translate allows you to view foreign text via your smartphone screen to see a translation with minimal effort. You can even preview what a tattoo might look like on your skin with apps such as Inkhunter.

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